Manyo Sports Day 2001
Girl in a box (Yoshie)
...and School Culture Festival, too
Good luck, Kaori, Ms. Yamamoto, and Koki.  Hey, who's that white man?
Daisuke, don't get a hernia!
Please take off your shoes before you walk on your friends.
Ah, Akiko! A very funny girl.
No comment
A race
Go, Kocho-sensei!
Nice smile, Kana!
Pep rally before a big sports meet. Look at those brown and white legs!
My favorite percussion players Naomi, Moe, Ikue, Erina, and Mari
I think Akiyo will be Prime Minister someday--I'm not kidding
Wow! It's Ayumi Hamasaki!
Nice leaf, Ms. Yamakawa
Note: These were taken with the school camera. Other teachers took nos. 6, 7, and 20-22. I'm not sure if I or someone else took nos. 2, 5, 12, 25, and 30. I'm sure I took the rest.
Nice legs, Ayu-chan!


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