Ninensei Parade -- Nursery, Kindergarten, and Elementary School Parade -- The Emperor and Empress -- Relaxing
Ajimano- Manyo Matsuri and Parade

May 4, 2003

The second-year (ninensei) boys and girls walked in the parade from Goshoji Temple to Echizen no Sato Garden.
Sayaka, Kanae, and Yuki. Yuki likes cheesecake. Kanae likes muffins. What do you like, Sayaka?
They're so cute!
Mika and Hitomi
Yuki, Haruka, Mika, and Hitomi
Kumi, Saki, Haruka, Mika, and Hitomi
Saki, Kumi, and Shoko by a pond. It's a beautiful view. But about 5 m to their left...
Shoko, Tomoe, Yuki, Miki, and Kanayo
Mika and Hitomi
The Emperor and Empress
The parade is for the Emperor and Empress of Japan--and we had TWO Emperors and TWO Empresses. (I don't know why the Emperors are girls.)
Hiroyo and Mutsumi
Akane and Yui
Shoko, Miki, Kanayo, Kanae, and Yuki (on the bridge)
Miki and Shoko--SURPRISE!
Very friendly Ajimano Elementary School boys. Their other new friend (in the bottle) is a mamushi! It's alive. (A mamushi is a poisonous snake.)
Maki (left) and Saki are third years. These extremely cool girls came to enjoy the parade.
Ajimano Nursery School, Kindergarten, and Elementary School students' parade


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