Mt. Miyohoji (235 m; 771')

Miyohoji-yama is two hundred meters from my apartment. It takes about ten minutes to walk to the Miyohoji shrine, and then 20 or 25 minutes to walk to the top. There's a small temple at the top; about 100 small Ojisosan statues watch you on the trail.

Hakusan Shrine and Miyohoji-cho, at the bottom of the trail
Ojisosan Statues on the trail
Soon after I took this picture, a tree fell and broke the fence. I was the last person to see it like this. More than one meter of snow fell on Takefu and almost two meters fell on Shirayama in the big blizzard in January, 2001. This temple is beautiful in every season. It has three Buddhist statues and two stone lamps.
The view from the top


Manyo (5.5 km away)
795 m Mt. Hino (close); 1256 m Mt. Kanmuri (far)
Crows fighting a hawk


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