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On May 23, 2003, the first year students went to

Shibamasa World.

We went there by bus.

first year students =
went = go
Haruka relaxes
Friend, Yuri, Mimi, and Hitomi
Let's play tag in the UFO! Hitomi is "oni."
Hitomi, Yuri, and Mimi said, "Peter, come with us!"
said = say

We can do many fun things.
The Viking Ship
A Go-Kart (Shu)
Archery (Shinpei)
Sexual harrassment (sekuhara)

Oh, so beautiful!
Yukiko and Yuka
Lunch by the sea
Yuka made it!
made = make
The end of the day
Narumi and Hitomi------Me, Hitomi, Narumi, and a friend


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