Manyo Junior High School

Takefu, Japan

Where is Manyo? The neighborhood
Manyo Parade -- Ajimano-Manyo Matsuri

Manyo has many great customs: growing red rice, the sports day, the school festival, school trips...
Baby day!!!*

Which one is cuter?

Ski trip*
Little World
First year trip. They were very cute. Now they are third year students. Are they cute now?
Every spring, the third year students plant red rice--and some fall in the rice paddy!! (Hi, Chiho!)*
Reika likes to dress up!
Sleeping on the bus
Ajimano-Manyo Matsuri and Parade--May 2003
Ichinensei went to Shibamasa World in May 2003
Minako's new friend
Miyuki and Sayo's new friend

Kanazawa--Fall 2000

Now they are high school students

Back: Hisayo, Mayu, Eri, Yuka, Kosue, and Hiroe*

Front: Mr. Blue Tree, Saki, and Thief... (just kidding, Yuko!)

Hiroe and Yurie--very cool girls!*
I like to tease my friends (Thief-chan!), and they like to tease me, too (Yurie!). "Tease" is "karakau" in Japanese.
Are you talking about me, Chisato?
Winter sports are popular at Manyo
On Mt. Hino with Ajimano Elementary School students and Tammy in 2001. Now they are Manyo students.

Kumiko, Shiori, and Mina
2001 Sports Day and School Festival
Natsumi, Yukie, Tammy, and Sakiko
(look at Sakiko and Karin's home page!!!)
Clockwise from the girl in the box: Yoshie, Mayumi, Chiaki, Saki, and Mari
There are pictures of presidents on American money. This is President Erika.
Maki, Saki, Yuki, and Moe The view from Manyo
The csourtyard
I took all the pictures except those with *


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