Carrying the mikoshi in the Shirayama Hakusan Matsuri!* 10/13/2002
Life in Takefu
a new type of good taste
Soja Matsuri September 2000--Can you see me?*
My mansion
Waterfall and sunset in Ikeda
Leaf in pond at Murasaki Shikibu Park
Shirayama at Dawn August 2002
The Echizen Coast
Hakusan Shrine in Nakai-cho, Takefu

Jiso statues watching the path
Panorama of Takefu
These are from Miyohoji-yama. It's near my house.
Temple at the top


More pictures of Mt. Miyohoji
A big tree fell on this soon after I took the picture. 1/14/2001

Click on the picture for more photos of meteors
My group at the Rokuroshi English Seminar 2003. VERY cool people!
Japanese fire truck. It's so small!
Barn (kura) in Shoden-cho near Manyo
Cute boy from Echizen
Ojisosan in Fumuro-cho
Big shrine in Ikeda. Look at the old shrine INSIDE the new building!
Inside Go-ou Shrine (Fumuro-cho, Takefu)


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